Ancient Highways


The Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail, Hong Kong, China

Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail, also known as Yuen Tsuen Traditional Footpath, is a trail linking Yuen Long and Tsuen Wan in the New Territories of Hong Kong. The trail was the main trail for villagers travelling between major towns trading their necessaries before the completion of Castle Peak Road. The middle part of the trail is designated as natural trail but either end is now lost to urban sprawl.

The Old North Trail, North America

The Old North Trail originally stretched nearly 2,000 miles from Canada to Mexico running along what we now call the Rockies. The Blackfeet Indians traveled the trail for sacred journeys and trade. You can visit fragments still visible in Glacier National Park in Montana.

The Khmer Highway, Cambodia/Thailand

Most of this ancient highway is now covered with jungle and only visible from aerial photographs but back in the 12th and 13th centuries this 140 mile road between Cambodia and Thailand was sacred to the Cambodian empire’s “god-kings,” who traveled the highway visiting temples and performing religious ceremonies. It is still possible to visit many of the temples and drive along a sector near Phimai in Thailand.

The King’s Highway, Egypt to Syria

The Kings Highway was one of the major north/south trade routes connecting much of the middle east from Egypt through Syria. Lining both sides of this  thoroughfare is a rich chain of archaeological sites including prehistoric villages from the Stone Age, Crusader Castles, some of the finest early Christian Byzantine mosaics in the Middle East, two major Roman fortresses, early Islamic towns, and the rock-cut Nabatean capital of Petra.

The Via Augusta, Spain

The Via Augusta was the longest Roman road anywhere in Hispania, covering some 1,500 kilometres from the Pyrenees Mountains, skirting the Mediterranean Sea as far as Cadiz, in southern Spain. Although many of its original sections are now roads and cannot be walked it is still possible to see some of the original.

The Amber Road, Russia to Italy

An ancient trade route which connects the Baltic Sea with the Adriatic Sea. Today, it makes an intriguing trail to follow from St. Petersburg across eastern and central Europe to Venice.

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