Island Paradise

Escaping to a private island paradise is something most of us have dreamt of but have you ever considered making it a reality? Sit back, take 5 and browse our selection of private islands currently available to rent or buy at Vladi Private Islands.

Necker, British Virgin Islands
Entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson’s hideaway has served as a holiday destination for VIP guests like Steven Spielberg and Phil Collins.

Motu Haapiti, French Polynesia
This picture postcard of an island features snow white sandy beaches and magnificent blue lagoon.

Eilean Righ, Scotland
The 212-acre Hebridean Island of Eilean Righ, which is Gaelic for ‘Royal Island,’ lies off Scotland’s west coast.

Isola Tessera, Italy
This tranquil little isle close to the heart of Venice was once owned by the British writer Edward de Bono.

Ile Illiec, France
The former retreat of the American aviator Charles Lindbergh, this pink stone Bretonic island is presently owned by the Heidsieck champagne family.

Sleepy Cove Island, Nova Scotia
Tucked in a quiet bay on the eastern coast of Canada, the inhabitant of this ten-acre isle shares the woods with only tame squirrels and a few wild ducks.

Bedarra Island, Australia
Tropical vegetation surrounds this haven of relaxation.
Tetiaroa Atoll, French Polynesia
Brando found his own personal paradise on the Tahitian Tetiaroa Atoll, ‘The Bird Island’, which he purchased from a British dentist. It was once a hideaway for the Tahitian royal family.
Soneva Gili, Maldives
Elegant stilted apartments nestle around a picturesque lagoon.
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