Take A Volunteer Vacation

Volunteer travel is the fastest growing sector in the travel industry today. Whether you want to travel the world for fun or to simply learn about other cultures volunteering is becoming a valid choice for people of all ages from students to professionals taking a career break. It appeals particulary to those that like to experience local culture and enjoy giving something back to the local community.


Most volunteer programs give the choice of traveling short term or long term, from 2 weeks to 12 months. It’s important to be practical when considering volunteering abroad as a travel option. Most volunteer holidays are a lot of work and if you are looking for a relaxing break then this isn’t the choice for you. Also, remember you are not getting paid so you really need to love what you are doing. Often the living conditions are basic, the cultural differences are a shock and the language barriers are challenging. Give yourself the best chance of enjoying your volunteer adventure spend some time thinking about where you want to travel to, volunteer for something you enjoy doing and talk to other volunteers.



If you’re looking to get more out of your next holiday than a nice tan, talk  to the Irish experts in volunteer travel at i-to-i.com. They’ve been sending people to volunteer in Africa, Asia, Australasia and Latin America for 18 years and are the original volunteer travel company. Nearly everyone who works there is a former volunteer or backpacker and with over 50,000 successful volunteer placements they know what they’re doing.

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