Shopping Streets Around The World


Broadway in Soho, Manhattan, New York, USA

Tourists already know the entire borough of Manhattan is any shop-aholic’s dream, or nightmare. One can spend an entire week shopping throughout New York City. Any native New Yorker will tell you to head down to Broadway in Soho to find a variety of shopping experiences. You can shop high end at luxury stores, find middle ground with stores like Old Navy or The Gap, or, find a truly unique vintage shop for unique finds to bring back home.


The Ginza: Tokyo, Japan

Worth over ten million yen, being one of the most expensive pieces of real estate in Japan is what The Ginza can claim for fame. Historians say the Ginza district is named after the Japanese word for Silver Mint; giving it its rich nickname. Most shops in the district are open everyday of the week. Massive department stores dominate this area including Mitsukoshi, Matsuya and Matsuzakaya.


The Nine Streets Area, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Otherwise known to the Dutch as De Negen Straatjes; the heart of the Amsterdam canal district is one of the most delightful shopping experiences. Located near the Royal Palace and Dam Square, you’ll be able to capture picturesque photographs of the infamous canals. Explore the designer boutiques and specialty vintage shops which keep Amsterdam a major shopping competitor in Europe.


Bond Street: London, England

If luxury shopping is for you, the mecca of shopping streets is located in London England. Located in the Mayfair district of London, it has been a reputable shopping street since the 18th century. Technically, Bond Street does not exist. The South part is called Old Bond Street, while the North is called New Bond Street. The stores with lots of shopping to do certainly do exist where one can find great familiar places such as Zara, Victorinox, Armani and Miu Miu.


Avinguda Diagonal Barcelona, Spain

Cutting the city in two, diagonally from East to West, is how Avinguda Diagonal got its name. There is plenty to please everyone here from local designers to big brands in the massive shopping centers along the avenue. Check out the Glories Plaza for a cinema experience and a mini mall.

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