Gadget Round-Up Autumn 2020

In these uncertain times it’s more important than ever to have the right gear and gadgets to hand. Here’s a round-up of some handy accessories which will make your trek, trail or commute feel smoother and safer.

Breathe-Happy Face Masks

When travelling during Covid-19 you’ll want to wear the Commuter Mask from Breather-Happy. (Also available is the Everyday Mask.) Both options are made from superior food-grade silicone and have a slot in which to place the included filters. Each replacement filter has a 7-day life so you can be on the run for weeks without worrying.  Filtration levels meet the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) recommendations for effective frontline protection. They filter circa ≥98% / ≥95% of the air wearers inhale and exhale, whilst paper masks leave circa 20% of all air inhaled, and circa 30% of air exhaled, unfiltered. Importantly the masks feels secure and comfortable with fully adjustable straps. Thankfully for glasses wearers, they don’t fog up. What’s more the breathe happy face mask has a custom insert feature so wearers can customise the front of their mask with a number of designer patterns.

Apple Watch Series 6

The Apple Watch has become one of our favourite travel gadgets. The new Apple Series 6 watch offers a variety of new colour options and band choices, yet is not wildly different to the previous iteration. However it’s in the area of personal health that the newest version comes into its own. No, it won’t test you for Covid but it will check your oxygen levels and measure the oxygen level in your blood throughout the day. It might seem like overkill outside of the current pandemic, but it can be an important indicator of your overall health. Add to that the potential for managing chronic conditions – Apple is already starting studies on the use of wearables in the management of asthma, for example – and you might see the capability become more useful in the future.

Picture Scale Windbreaker

The Scale is part of the Picture Organic range of eco-friendly tech jackets. Made with 30D Ultralight ripstop fabric, its claimed this jacket provides Waterproofness thanks to a durable Teflon Ecoelite™ PFC Free DWR.  However our test showed it was waterproof only in light to moderate rain, but it did not survive a downpour. Nor does it have a cinchable hood. However with a jacket this light and portable – it literally fits into a jeans pocket – it’s a jacket you can easily bring everywhere you may encounter a light shower. Featuring thoughtful elements like elastic bands at wrists, an ergonomic hood and vents, as well as zippered pockets and reflective detailing the jacket feels like its been well designed. With black or white terrazzo pattern, its a very stylish fashion-forward accessory suitable for short walks or commutes.

Life Straw Go Bottle

Every time you purchase a disposal plastic bottle of water you damage the environment. Nowadays have to walk into a shop and sanitise before and after. Here’s a solution which means you can get clean water from any tap, or natural water source. Life Straw is a BPA-free durable drinking bottle with built-in straw that filters bacteria, parasites and microplastics from fresh water sources making it safe to drink – you can even fill up from a river or stream. It’s also idea for travel thanks to it making tap water abroad safe. Recently, the contestants and crew of BBC’s Race Across the World used LifeStraw products to make the drinking water in South America safe for them to consume. To make you feel even better, for every product purchased LifeStraw gives a child in a developing country access to safe drinking water for an entire year.

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