Gorillapod SLR-ZOOM and MICRO-250

A fresh twist on the tripod…

Gorillapod have taken the idea of a tripod and twisted it into an entirely new kind of animal. Now making flexible adjustable tripods for almost every type and weight of camera, they are moving with a market where more and more people have numerous types of camera, perhaps owning a knockabout point and shoot, and a prized DSLR and even a good old iPhone. Travelpod.ie decided to try out two from the Gorillapod range.

First up is the SLR-ZOOM with Joby Ball Head which is designed for the serious amateur who owns a DSLR with heavy zoom lens. We happily fitted a Canon 5D with zoom lens and the tripod took the weight perfectly, hanging upside down from a dangling tree branch perfectly securely. The SLR-ZOOM will work with any camera or video camera weighing up to 3kg. It will also work well with a self-timer, as well as giving stability to portrait or low-light shots. Getting beautiful SLR images or videos from unusual angles on your travels has now been made a lot easier.
The MICRO-250 is the little brother of the above, and this one is designed for the point-and-shoot you take everywhere. The 250 is smaller and neater though it doesn’t have the flexi-joints of the bigger model. Instead the three zinc alloy tripod legs ingeniously tuck away under the camera, leaving the Micro-250 as an “always on” solution, easily fitting into a pocket or camera case.
If you’re a serious travel photographer with a decent camera kit, one of the reasonably priced Gorillapod range is a great addition to your camera bag. With many tourist attractions now banning traditional tripods, and airline security becoming ever more problematic, the Gorillapod may just be the perfect solution for travelers who don’t want to compromise image quality.

Buy the SLR-ZOOM here   Buy the MICRO 250 here

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