Top 10 Travel Apps


TripIt is a great app designed to take the stress out of travel by allowing you to consolidate all your travel information into a nicely-organized folder.

Forward all travel-related confirmation emails to a TripIt address and you’ll get a day-by-day itinerary, give youdirections from the airport to your hotel, update with arrival, departure, terminal and gate information for your flights and even tell you the type of aircraft you’ll be flying on. Just having a safe place for storing confirmation numbers alone makes TripIt an essential travel app.


With over 50,000 current property listings covering more than 8,000 cities Airbnb has come a long way from its roots as a couch-swapping website for budget travelers.

Users of the website’s iPhone app can now book accommodation with a few clicks from their iPhones, with choices ranging from an extra mattress to a private island. The app’s “Find a Place Tonight” feature allows users to locate nearby available properties with one click.

FlightTrack Pro

FlightTrack Pro lets you import flight data from airline confirmation emails, gives you real-time status updates for gates, delays and cancellations for more than 4,000 international airports and allows you to find alternative flights at a click. Its inbuilt live flight tracker maps work even when the phone is offline.

It can even predict the future for you, by projecting flight delays based on airport warnings and historic delay patterns. Essential for the obsessive air travelers.


Fotopedia Heritage

Developed jointly by Fotonauts and UNESCO World Heritage Centre, this app allows those who have wanderlust to flick through more than 25,000 photos of heritage sites with information for each location.

The app also links directly to Trip Advisor for booking spur-of-the-moment trips.

Trip Journal

With Trip Journal, users can now do scrapbooking anytime, anywhere. Trip Tracking has an inbuilt GPS route-tracking function that also records points along a journey.It supports geo-tagged photos and videos.

Trip Journal allows users to store as many recorded journeys as they want. And best of all, the app is wired to major social media portals, making it supremely easy to brag about your travels to family and friends back at home.

Packing Pro

A godsend for the absentminded traveler, the app’s Expert List Assistant creates packing lists based on the number of adults, children and days of travel.

The functionality also takes into account temperature, destination, food preparation and even laundry preferences.

Those who like to be a bit more hands-on can use the app to create, edit and check off customized packing lists.


Kayak is so simple to use: you enter your starting point, destination and dates and Kayak will search airlines, local and international, to find the cheapest possible option. Hotels and car hire are now available to search and book.



The Aroundme application connects travelers with nearby hotels, bars, restaurants, parking and much more.

The obvious attraction of the App is arriving in a new town or city and being able to find the best bar or place to eat but it’s also useful for more critical needs such as fuel or a pharmacy for medical emergencies.


The Viator iphone app offers the ability to search for tours and activities where ever you are while the ipad version seems to be designed more for the armchair user. Things to do are listed with prices and average user review scores and can also be viewed on a map.



Nominated as a 2011 finalist for Best Mobile Application for News and Information by the Mobile Excellence Awards, Intellicast is an app that makes checking the weather reports fun. They are part of Weather Services International (WSI) so unlike other weather apps available this company is an expert.

There are lots of different tools to play around with including satellite and radar images so a must have for weather geeks.

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