5 Unusual Hotels

V8 hotel

Part of the Meilenwerk classic car restoration complex on the old Zeppelin airfield near Böblingen, 10 of the 34 car themed rooms have had extreme makeovers to allow you to sleep in a Mercedes, Morris Minor, Cadillac or Volkswagen.

Partnered by the Porsche Museum and Mercedes Benz, car enthusiasts, collectors and restoration specialists gather together to enjoy heritage motor vehicles on display in the Legend Hall of the main event building. Collectors of classic cars may even park their car in glass viewing boxes, so that others can see the repair and servicing taking place.

The top suite occupies the once control tower of the airfield and the V8 hotel itself occupies the original Bauhaus-style (1928) airport hotel building, now completely restored and updated as a listed building in its own right.

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Spitbank Fort

Spitbank Fort is an unusual and historic sea fortress in the Solent, off Portsmouth. Now a luxury exclusive venue and hotel, the fort was formerly home to hundreds of soldiers guarding the approaches to Portsmouth. The arms and ammunition have long been removed, making way for nine luxuriously furnished bedroom suites, three bars, three restaurant areas, and spa facilities.

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La Balade des Gnomes

These 10 extraordinarily decorated and furnished bedrooms, evoke ideas from the four corners of the world, re-interpreted as fairy tales.

Hidden in an unassuming farmhouse up a pleasant – but not particularly noteworthy – country lane, this amazing property was designed and built by architect and visionary hotelier Mr Noël. Originally opening an innovative restaurant, La Gargouille (the Gargoyle), specialising in delicious dishes using local ingredients and bio-organic produce, he has taken inspiration from fairytales to construct these amazing bedrooms, next door to the restaurant. Defying normal classification, these rooms highlight incredible imagination, attention to detail and sheer audacity to delight guests.

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Airplane Suite

Once the transport for top bosses of the German Democratic Republic government, this 1960 Ilyushin 18 has been converted to a single luxury suite for 2. The plane is 40 metres long and now comes equipped with a little more luxury than it’s former owners would have approved of.

With a Jacuzzi, shower, infrared sauna, mini bar, flat screen TV’s (three of them!), Blu-ray DVD / entertainment combo (plus a selection of DVD’s), and a pantry with coffee/tea making facilities, oven/microwave etc. you can enjoy a great deal of comfort – while still sleeping on a plane.

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Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita

Restored from the abandoned and decaying ancient caves in the Basilicata village of Matera in Southern Italy, Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita offers guests the opportunity to re-evaluate their interpretation of authenticity. Daniele Kihlgren, the Swedish-Italian entrepreneur, hotelier and philanthropist, spearheaded the campaign to resuscitate the caves, breathing new life into them while honouring and highlighting the lives previously spent dwelling in their depths.

In order to provide its guests with proper standards of luxury, the site was meticulously taken apart, entirely wired and piped and finally reassembled with each stone replaced in its original location.

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