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For some films the setting is as important as the main characters and in turn, movie inspired tourism can provide a massive boost for destinations immortalised on the silver screen. We take a look at some of the best to add to your wish list.

Bay of Naples – Il Postino/The Talented Mr Ripley

The island of Procida in The Bay of Naples is every bit as beautiful as it is appears in The Talented Mr Ripley and Il Postino. Close to Sorrento and the Amalfi coast, this island is much less well known than its neighbours Capri and Ischia. However, regular ferries from Naples allow very easy access and the lack of commercial tourism makes a wonderful contrast to its packed neighbour of Capri. The location of the story in Il Postino is indeed supposed to be Capri. Many people visit this island only for a day trip, but there are very reasonably priced pensions and guest houses available if you should decide to stay overnight.

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Florence – A Room with a View/Hannibal

Certain locations are begging to be filmed and Florence perhaps most of all. A Room with a View and Hannibal are just two movies which have been shot there and both make use of the many piazzas as backdrops. Florence is arguably the most beautiful city in all of Italy and its small size and incredible density of historical buildings and galleries makes it mandatory to be visited at least once in anybody’s lifetime. Florence was the seat of the Medici family who sponsored artists like Michael Angelo and Leonardo da Vinci.

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Barcelona – Vicky Christina Barcelona

Woody Allen’s Vicky Christina Barcelona is as much homage to the location as it is to the quest for romantic love. The story unfolds against magnificent backdrops of Gaudi architecture, stunning piazzas and plenty of sensual scenes with Catalan cuisine and Spanish music. If you have not yet been to Barcelona this film will act like a magnet, and if you have, this film will make you want to return.

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Tokyo – Lost in Translation

 Lost in Translation gives cinema goers a rare chance to see downtown Tokyo in all it’s bustling glory. If you don’t get the chance to stay at the Park Hyatt, which is the the setting where most of the action takes place on screen, be sure to visit The New York bar on the hotel’s 52nd floor to experience an evening Bob Harris style.

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