Top Ten Most Expensive Hotels In The World

Sometimes travel is all about experiencing new places and adventure and accommodation is not your number one priority, sometimes travel is all about the unique pleasure of checking in to a nice hotel and enjoying some luxury.

Sometimes though, regular 5* just isn’t enough. We take a look at the ten most expensive hotels in the world for 2013.

10. Park Hyatt Paris Vendome, Paris, France

€11,000 per night – Imperial Suite

The 200-square-meter Imperial Suite features a steam shower, whirlpool bath and massage table. It also offers a giant bed and a well-appointed bathroom. Most importantly, you cannot beat the view of Paris from its 59-square-meter terrace.

Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris, France

€11,500 per night – Royal Suite

The 244-square-meter Royal Suite in the Four Seasons Hotel George V best defines luxury in the City of Light. It features antique furniture and tapestries, a guest powder room and steam room. The best part is the hotel is right in the heart of Paris, with  the Champs-Elysees just a few steps away.

Le Richemond, Geneva, Switzerland

€12,500 per night – Royal Suite

Measuring 230 square meters, the Royal Suite of Le Richemond Hotel features its own swimming pool and parquet flooring. It also has a 27-square-meter terrace overlooking the city and the mountains. With its bulletproof windows, your enemies will be forever frustrated trying to shoot you down while you take in the magnificent view of Geneva and the Alps.

Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai, UAE

€12,500 per night – VIP Suite

Once described as a seven-star hotel (it is actually five-star deluxe), the 799-square-meter Royal Suite in this hotel will make you feel five-star seven times over.  And this deal is probably a steal, as it comes with your own private movie house, a chauffeured Rolls Royce, and even a helicopter that you can use for a minimal cost.  The Burj Al Arab Hotel may be standing on an artificial island, but the luxury service and amenities are definitely anything but.

Ritz Carlton Hotel, Moscow, Russia

€13,000 per night – VIP Suite

Do you remember watching on television those goose-stepping Russian soldiers parading with the latest military weapons during the Cold War?  With the Cold War over, you can now view the actual Red Square where they had marched from the window of your own luxurious, 236-square-meter suite at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Full-board meals are included, as well as a grand piano to soothe your nerves and a library to exercise your mind.

Atlantis Resort Hotel, Bahamas

€17,500 per night – VIP Suite

Ah, the Bahamas! The beach, the sun and the sand, what more can you ask for? What about a luxurious 440-square-meter suite with ten bedrooms and marble bathrooms? Staying here will give you access to your butler and kitchen staff, as well.  This suite is a sweet deal. If it were good enough for the likes of Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson, then it probably will be good enough for you.

President Wilson Hotel, Geneva, Switzerland

€23,000 per night – Kings Penthouse

Do you need to host a cocktail party for important guests in the heart of Switzerland? Are you concerned about the security of your visitors? Then have no fear because the King’s Penthouse of the President Wilson Hotel is here. At 1,200 square meters, the King’s Penthouse has four bedrooms and six bathrooms. And what about the cocktail party and security concerns? No worries as it has a party room that can accommodate up to 40 guests. Plus, it comes with bulletproof windows.

Four Seasons Hotel Manhattan, New York

€24,000 per night – Penthouse

New York never sleeps, and the Penthouse suite of this hotel will allow you to enjoy every minute of your stay with an amazing apartment that features a full panorama of the city. The Penthouse has nine rooms. You need not worry, however, because you will have your own butler to run around for you.

Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas

€28,500 per night – Hugh Hefner Suite

Just in case you hit it big and get lucky in the casino in Las Vegas, then the 929-square-meter Hugh Hefner Suite at the Palms Casino Resort Hotel is the place to book. You will have your own butler, even as you enjoy the rotating bed topped by a mirrored ceiling. You can even enjoy a view of Las Vegas while relaxing in the Jacuzzi. The best part is that no one else needs to know what you did there. After all, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

The Grand Resort Lagonissi, Athens, Greece

€35,500 per night – Royal Villa

If the hotel’s Royal Villa does not impress you, nothing ever will! It has an amazing view of the sunset, with a glass panel allowing an unobstructed look. Yes, the view extends even from the bathtub, what with its remote-operated blinds. It has a heated pool, a sauna, your own private beach and an extremely comfortable and adjustable bed. If you need service, you can call on the butler to ask your own private chef to prepare your meal while the pianist performs relaxing music, all in the comfort of your 1,188 square meter villa.

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