Best Beach Drinks

Sipping a long cool drink while lounging on the beach are what summer dreams are made of. We take a look at some classics from around the world.

Margarita, Mexico

There are many stories surrounding the invention of the most popular tequila based cocktail in the world. We like the one that suggests this was created by a bartender in Tijuana trying to impress Rita Hayworth whose real name was Margarita Cansino.

Pina Colada, Puerto Rico

This pineapple, coconut and rum cocktail had been popular throughout the Caribbean for at least 100 years before Ramon Marrero, a bartender at the Caribe Hilton’s Beachcomber bar perfected it in the 1950s using cream of coconut.

Caipirnha, Brazil

We’re more used to the rum based version on this side of the world but a classic caipirnha is made using cachaca, a spirit fermented from sugarcane juice mixed with sugar and lime.

Mai-Tai, Polynesia

When a Tahitian guest tasted this cocktail of rum, orange curacao and orgeat syrup (made from almonds) at Trader Vics in Oakland, Calafornia in 1944 he remarked that it was “maita’i ro’a ‘ae” meaning “out of this world”. The name stuck.

Daiquiri, Cuba

Named for a beach near Santiago, Cuba the first daiquiri was allegedly invented by a group of American engineers working in the area whose gin supplies had run dry. Today the fruit flavoured frozen form has taken over from the classic in most places.

Gin & Tonic, India

When the British occupied India it was recommended that they drink tonic water for it’s anti malarial properties. They started adding gin to off set the bitter taste and a classic was born. Try one on a beach in Goa while watching the sun set.

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