How To Travel The World Without Leaving Your Couch.

Just because the world is in lockdown and there is no prospect of taking off an a new adventure anytime soon does not mean that you need to stop to stop exploring. From 360 degree tours of the seven wonders of the world to virtual visits with some of the best galleries and museums we’ve put together the ultimate quarantine bucket list of experiences to help you plan your lockdown staycation.

Great Wall of China

Commonly considered a wonder of the world, the Great Wall boasts a history of over 2,000 years and stretches more than 3,000 miles across several provinces of northern China, making it one of the most impressive ancient structures on the planet.

Sistine Chapel

Get up close with Michelangelo’s intricate work and enjoy this Vatican city landmark minus the crowds.

Inca Trail

The four day long trek to Peru’s iconic Machu Picchu can be condensed into one hour with this virtual journey (best part — you won’t be sore after!).

Grand Canyon

This detailed VR tour allows armchair travellers to explore and learn more about the history behind the canyon’s formation by clicking on different geological features.

Orlando, Florida

Experience Orlando’s best from the comfort of your couch. This virtual tour takes viewers into 85 experiences throughout the city, from theme parks and hotels to dining and shopping hot spots.

Loire Valley, France

Explore over 40 of the most iconic chateaus of the region without packing a bag in this beautifully detailed tour.

The Northern Lights

The aurora borealis is a dazzling natural phenomenon caused by Earth’s magnetic field interacting with electrically charged particles from the sun. The lights are visible from countries at high northern latitudes, such as those of Scandinavia, Russia, Iceland, Greenland and Canada. The Norwegian Lights over Lapland project takes travellers on a five-minute journey through a series of 360-degree videos.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite, in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, is a diverse and spectacular natural landscape. It’s home to more than 400 species of animals, including around 500 American black bears, rare snowshoe hares and endangered mastiff bats. El Capitan, the most famous and impressive peak standing over 900 metres tall with a near vertical cliff face was first scaled in 1993 by US climber Lynn Hill. Experience the climb with Hill and her team, learning more about skills, techniques and equipment as you ascend to dizzying heights.

Giants Causeway

This incredible section of County Antrim’s Atlantic coastline is made up of more than 40,000 interlocking, geometric basalt columns. Legend has it that the unusual rock formations are the remains of a stepping-stone causeway path to Scotland, built by giants. The National Trust has created a series of virtual tours including views from the Carrick A Rede trail and rope bridge.

Perito Moreno Glacier, Patagonia, Argentina

One of the few glaciers in the world that scientist say is actually growing the Perito Moreno covers 97 square miles of Los Glaciares National Park. Fed by the melting waters of the south Patagonian ice fields in the Andes this set of interactive images gives a good impression of the scale as well as well as the variations of blue – the less oxygen in the air the bluer it gets. An immersive video tour of the wilderness beyond the glacier, created by the Guardian in 2018 (above), takes viewers around the varied landscape of the protected Parque Patagonia.

Namib Desert Dunes, Nambia

Stretching for 31,000 square miles across the Namib-Naukluft national park in southern Africa, explore these mountainous swathes of pink-orange sand, including the 388m-high Dune 7, Big Daddy at 325m, and Big Mamma at 198m.

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