New App Reveals Surprising Frequent Flyer Miles Trends.

A new personal travel assistant app – App In The Air – has published the results of a new survey that reveals very interesting travel industry trends from it’s audience of frequent flyers.

The personal travel assistant app polled over 1,000 frequent flyers – nearly half of which take more than 20 round trip flights per year – about their flight behavior, preferences and industry predictions for 2020.

“As we look to 2020, we’ll see dramatic innovation from tech advancements that drive increased customization and changes within distribution channels. But we’re also looking at the impact of external factors, like potential reductions in fare due to overcapacity stemming from Boeing 737 Max delays and instability within foreign markets,” says App in the Air CEO and founder Bayram Annakov. 

“Looking to our user base of frequent flyers, along with the more than 20 million itineraries across multiple airlines tracked through our app, gives us unparalleled insight into what the elite set of travelers, who often call an airplane tray their office desk, thinks about the future.

Offsetting Emissions – Despite the airline industry accounting for only 2% of overall carbon emissions, flight-shaming was the de facto buzzword of 2019; given an increased public scrutiny, there has never been a more consequential moment than now for airlines to mitigate the impact of greenhouse gases. 

Seventy-eight percent of respondents believe that airlines should implement methods for helping customers to offset their carbon footprints; travelers seek to continue flying but do good in tandem with more accessible methods for offsetting.

Loyalty – Airline loyalty is no longer a one-size-fits-all concept; frequent flyers are booking with multiple carriers to yield maximum points and secure status across the industry – 78% of these flyers participate in 2-5 airline loyalty programs, and 88% find it important to travel with a loyalty brand. “It’s about more than just loyalty these days,” says Annakov. 

“Travelers are seeking highly curated, personalized experiences – and the survey results show nearly 60% of frequent flyers are willing to pay more for it.” According to Annakov, data is the way of the future when it comes to loyalty programs. 

“Certainly, privacy is the most important aspect, but the majority of avid travelers are willing to share their loyalty and flight data with trusted third-party sources, like AITA, if it gets them closer to customized, streamlined solutions.”

Building a Global Community – Sixty-eight percent of respondents shared an experience of forming an interpersonal connection while traveling, be that a friend, business connection, or even romantic partner. Despite their transient nature, airports foster connectivity; App in the Air cultivates this through the ‘nearby’ feature for in-airport networking and hosts periodic user meetups across the globe, from New York to Moscow.

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