North Island, Seychelles

This particular island was specifically bought for one purpose: to restore and rehabilitate natural habitats on the island. They pride themselves with their “unceasing endeavor to turn back the ecological clock.” So it’s no surprise that each of the eleven Villas are handcrafted; made with wood, local stone, glass and thatched roofs to specifically honor nature and “offer a home-to-home ambiance”. For more information on North Island, Seychelles, click here

Wakaya Club, Fiji

Located in one of the most pristine corners of the South Pacific lies the Wakaya Club on the western side of Wakaya Island, Fiji. Known as “Paradise on Earth,” Fiji is surrounded by a protected coral reef and endless sandy white beaches. At the Wakaya Club, there are ten free standing waterfront cottages that each have 1,650 square feet of privacy as well as a private garden, spacious living room, personal wet bar, cathedral ceilings, indigenous yaka wood flooring, and individual hammocks strung between coconut palms. With natural beauty encompassing the island, there is always something to do whether you’re soaking up rays on the private beaches, hiking, jogging, golfing, or croquet. For more information on Wakaya Club, Fiji, click here

Turtle Island

With the neighboring Yasawa Islands and Blue Lagoon in full view from every villa, Turtle Island is the perfect exotic destination. Every villa is artfully constructed by Fijian craftsman and each are built to be eco-friendly with a modern touch. The all-inclusive resort only hosts fourteen couples at a time ensuring ultimate privacy. The seven private beaches on the island beckons guests to relax, sunbathe, or ride horseback along the cascading waters. For more information on Turtle Island, Fiji, click here

Fregate Private Island

Four degrees south of the equator lies Fregate Island where unparalleled beauty is met with ultimate seclusion and magnificence. With a uniquely peaceful setting, the island also prides itself in preserving and protecting the wildlife as well as the fauna and flora that live there. Fregate is not only a romantic destination for two, but it is also family friendly with its very own Castaway Kids Clubhouse. Equipped with sixteen spacious villas with marble flooring and one Presidential villa, guests experience the rare luxury of space and serenity. For more information on Fregate Island Private, click here

Hotel le Toiny, St Barts

Hotel le Toiny is situated in the area of the island known as Cote Sauvage overlooking the Bay of Toiny and the Caribbean Sea. Their fifteen bungalow suites are surrounded by lush, tropical vegetation that has a way of seducing everyone that visits with its beauty. Not only is this a perfect golfing destination, but its great for surfing and big game fishing as well. Other activities include their top-of-the-line body fitness and cardio gym and their relaxing Serenity Spa Cottage. For more information on Hotel le Toiny, St Barts, click here

Burj Al-Arab

Located along the spectacular Dubai coastline, the exquisite Burj Al- Arab resort was architecturally built to resemble a billowing sail. The resort is just minutes away from Jumeirah beach and provides full helicopter transfers and scenic tours. There are six award-winning restaurants within the resort with private reception areas on every floor and highly trained butlers at your service. If you really want to go all out, you can always upgrade your experience with a personal chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce. For more information on Burj Al-Arab click here

Le Sirenuse, Amalfi Coast

In 1951, this elegant resort opened after the Marchese Sersale family renovated their old summer house and made it into a 59-room hotel. Located in the middle of the village of Positano, Le Sirenuse has an at home feel while still maintaining a hotel atmosphere. All of the rooms look over the Bay of Positano, have private terraces and balconies, and the flooring is ornately crafted with handmade tiles. The hotel resort has its own designer boutique and its very own fragrance line called Eau D’Italie. For more information on Le Sirenuse, Italy, click here

Armani Hotel, Dubai

The Armani philosophy is to provide a home-away-from-home atmosphere while offering the very best service to its patrons. With its modern and sophisticated beauty, the hotel is nothing short of aesthetically pleasing with exclusive residences personally designed by its founder, Giorgio Armani. There are seven premier restaurants serving everything from Japanese to Italian cuisine. For more information on the Armani Hotel, Dubai, click here

W Hotel, Puerto Rico

The W Hotel Puerto Rico is where modern architecture meets natural aesthetics. Situated on the alluring Vieques Island, this resort is contemporary and stylishly eclectic. Every room has stunning views of Puerto Rico’s bioluminescent bay, abundant mountains, and the turquoise Caribbean. The spacious rooms also have pillow top mattresses, goose-down duvets, and 400-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets. Indulge in some tasty libations at their famous WET bar and when those midnight cravings come, 24-hour in room dining service is just one buzz away. For more information on W Hotel Puerto Rico, click here

Anse Chastanet House Reef, St. Lucia

As they say, location is everything. Anse Chastanet, which sits right around the corner from the twin pitons that define this island nation, has the lion’s share of St. Lucia’s lush, shallow snorkeling right off its doorstep. Color rules here: Azure vase sponges battle it out for space with brilliant sea fans. Gangs of blue tangs and fanciful creole wrasse roam the reef. Striking goldspotted and sharptail eels slither in the crevices among seahorses and spotted drums. There’s even a boat drift snorkel over coral gardens farther afield.

Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, Fiji

With such an iconic name as Cousteau attached to a resort, you’d expect the experience to encompass all things having to do with the sea. This resort even has an onsite marine biologist for your inevitable, “What-was-that-blue-thingy-with-the-red-marks?” questions. The shallows just off the beach abound in marine life. You’ll find acres of vividly patterned giant Tridacna clams, clownfish and vibrant, soft-coral-covered reefs. Also check out nearby Namena Reef.

Hanauma Bay, Oahu

If there is one archetype of a world-class snorkeling site, Oahu’s Hanauma Bay would be it. This ancient volcanic caldera offers snorkelers protection from Pacific-borne waves, a lively, shallow reef and typically crystal-clear water. It doesn’t get much easier than this. If it flits, fins, hides or hunts in Hawaiian coastal waters, you’ll probably find it here in great concentrations. And with more than 30 percent of Hawaiian marine life endemic to the island chain, much of the parade before your mask can be seen only in Hawaii. Camouflage has not been a priority, so most species look like they’ve rolled around in a box of Crayolas. Take a little food with you and you’ll be immediately surrounded by millet-seed, raccoon, threadfin, pyramid and ornate butterflyfish. And keep your eye out for the Hawaii state fish, the humuhumunukunukuapua’a, or reef triggerfish.

Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Every inch of Australia’s 1,250-mile-long Barrier Reef could be considered a world-class destination for snorkelers. Since most of it lies 30 miles off the coast, what could be better than planting yourself on Heron Island, smack on top of the Barrier Reef and spending your days in the water mere steps from the shore? Heron Island, a short hop off Gladstone on the Queensland coast, has a bit of everything, from spotted eagle rays, green sea turtles and manta rays to legions of wildly colored nudibranchs. Sea turtles come ashore to nest from December to February. If you don’t feel like swimming, the resort offers a reef walk that will bring the reef alive — literally — right at your feet.