Eagle Creek Flashpoint Trunk

The ultimate in durable luggage…

Eagle Creek make some of the most durable long-lasting luggage out there. Seasoned travelers will know that the small extra price you might pay for this gear will save you from the rigours of modern travel – whether that’s careless baggage handlers, extreme climate conditions, or the campaigns of other luggage brands whose¬†advertising neglects to tell you their suitcase only lasts a year of moderate traveling.


Now Eagle Creek have created the ultimate in durable luggage. Using weather-resistant Bi-Tech(TM) material the Flashpoint Trunk is built to withstand rain, snow and ice. No seam is untaped and no corner unprotected by padded guards. Skid plates and runners protect the bag from urban obstacles. Wheels are guarded by a secure housing. The zippers are lockable and self-repairing. It’s got handles at each side, end and centre. Though it comes in menacing black there are even reflective accents for night-time visibility.


Best thing of all is the smart design of the Flashpoint Trunk in terms of pockets, dividers, mesh compartments and accessibility. You really will find a place to stash all of your belongings whether it’s dirty underwear, your precious laptop or a mountain-biking helmet.

Comes in 22″, 30″ and 36″. We recommend the 30″ as the most regular size holiday or trip bag that will last you for 2 weeks with judicious packing, or 1 week if you’re filling it up with ski or diving equipment.
TIP: Try the Flashpoint Trunk with Eagle Creek’s patented Pack-it system which will keep your clothes wrinkle-free, and your packing (and unpacking) effortless.
Buy online at www.eaglecreek.com

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